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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meaning of Sakura Flowers 2

Sakura comes from the word "Saku" (Japanese language which means "blossom") plus the ending of the plural form of "ra". In English, called the flower Sakura cherry blossom.

Sakura is the national flower of Japan which blooms in spring (early April to late April). For Japan, the Sakura flower is the symbol that many associate with the women, life, death, so that we can find the symbol of Sakura flowers anywhere in the Japan-on consumer goods such as kimono, writing tools and cooking utensils. Sakura flower is also a symbol for the bond between humans, courage, sadness and happiness. Sakura is also a metaphor for characteristics that are not eternal life for the people of Japan.

Sakura trees are trees that are in familia Rosaceae, genus Prunus is similar to a plum tree, peach or APRICOT, but in general Sakura in grade sakura in the sub genus.
Sakura flower

Flower color depends on the species, there is a white with a little pink, yellow, young, pink, light green or red light. Interest in the grade into 3 types based on the order of leaf crown:

* A single flower with corolla selapis
* Double flowers with leaf-plated crown
* Semi-double flower

Sakura tree flowering once a year, on the island of Honshu, Sakura flower bud type Someiyoshino to start at the end of the winter and flowers bloom in late March to early April when the weather began to warm.

In Japan, Sakura blooms Someiyoshino kinds of Okinawa started in February, resumed on the island of Honshu to the west, up in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto at around the end of March to early April, then move gradually to the north, and ends at the Hokkaido during Golden Week.

Each year the observer Sakura map out the movement Someiyoshono Sakura flower bloom from west to east north ago called Sakurazensen. By using the map of known locations can Sakurazensen Sakura flower is in bloom at the time a certain.
Specific characteristics

The typical flower sakura Sakura Someiyoshino is the type of flowers that bloom before the first leaves start out. Dozens, hundreds, even thousands of trees that are in the same location, interest rates began to rise simultaneously and fall one by one at the time that is almost the same time.

Someiyoshino Sakura flower types can only survive for approximately 7 to 10 days counted from the flower bud to open flower fall start. Sakura flowers fall off depending on the weather conditions and often dipercepat by torrential rain and gale. Some birds like to eat the flower part that feels sweet, while the dove ate all the flowers.

Rare opportunity crowded-crowded picnic under the trees to enjoy Sakura Sakura flower bloom is called o-hanami. When O-hanami is when all the Sakura tree in a place where there are flowers bloom all.

In Japan there is a standard level of information to convey the Sakura flower bloom, from the flower bud opening (Kaika), 10% of blooms flower bud on the tree (Ichibuzaki) until the flower blooms all (Mankai). Interest immediately replaced with deciduous leaves out young. Sakura trees are deciduous flowers start to grow and start young leaves of 10% is called Ichibu hazakura, while Sakura tree that has flowers all fall and have only young leaves is called Hazakura.

Tree species of flowers bloom Yamazakura slower than Someiyoshino types and interest rates rise along with the discharge leaves young.

Type-Type of Sakura Tree

Most of the Sakura tree species is the result of the cross, for example, type Someiyoshino spread throughout Japan since the Meiji era is the result of crossing Sakura tree in late Edo period. Sakura Someiyoshino this type of a very wide spread, so most people only know Someiyoshino (which is one of Sakura) as Sakura.

In the period before any type of Someiyoshino, Japanese people know that Sakura flower bloom in the mountains called Yamazakura and Yaezaki no Sakura as Sakura. At Sakura mekarnya interest, Yamazakura thousands of trees that grow in mountainous Yoshino (Nara Prefecture) to create stunning color of the white, light green, and pink.

Several types of Sakura:

* Edohigan

Edohigan is the Sakura bloom in the Spring Day Ekuinoks interest rates and the length of the age. Other species with similar Edohigan is Ishiwarizakura and Yamadakashinyozakura including the Sakura tree that is protected. Miharutakizakura is one of the rantingnya unravel Edohigan, while known Yaebenishidare leaves and flowers of many colors are bright.

* Hikanzakura

Hikanzakura or Kanhizakura is also called Sakura that spread from the south China region to the island of Formosa. Kanhizakura usually found growing wild in Okinawa Prefecture. Stupid people in Okinawa, the word "Sakura" often means Hikansakura. Announcement mekarnya Sakura in Okinawa interest usually means mekarnya Hikanzakura. In Okinawa, flower bud opens Hikanzakura start around January or February. On the island of Honshu, Hikanzakura many planted from the Kanto region to Kyushu, and usually start around the bloom in February or March.

* Fuyuzakura

Fuyuzakura Sakura is the type of tree that flowers bloom around November to late December. Onishimachi in Gunma Prefecture is the place to see the famous Fuyuzakura.

Sakura and cherry

Sakura trees produce fruit that is known as cherry (Japanese: Sakuranbo). Cherry young green and ripe fruit that is red to maroon to purple. Although the shape is almost similar to the cherry packing cans, known in Indonesia, the cherry tree that produced Sakura size small and I do not feel so not in consumption.

Sakura tree that produces fruit of cherries for consumption purposes is not generally to enjoy flowers and only in the plantation. Cherry producers in Japan are in Yamagata Prefecture. Cherry products in the country such as Japan type Sato Nishiki extraordinary expensive price. In Japan, cherry production in the country only to be purchased dihadiahkan on the special occasion. Cherry in the consumption of many people in Japan is the cherry fruit imported from the state of Washington and California in the United States. *


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